What do I wear?

What do we wear for our session?

Most families spend most of their time before a session, picking out what they are going to wear! So we thought we would put together a few tips to help you create timeless images for years to come. 

Keep it Simple

- Lighter colours look fresh, but avoid loud bright colours, especially bright pinks. Mix colours with neutrals to tone them down. Pastels and lighter tones make it easier to find a range of options amongst family members.

- Dark colours are slimming, but too much in the way of dark can bring down the tone of the image, try layering with light and dark, with a light shirt under a dark jacket. 

- Avoid logos, large prints and picture shirts for kids.

- Accessorise but don’t go overboard with large chunky pieces or too many different accessories.  

Colours, colours everywhere!

- Co-ordinate your outfits but don’t matchy-matchy. Consider matching the same dress or shirt but different colours. 

- Choose a basic colour palette or 1 item of clothing (such as that dress you love to wear so much) and co ordinate everyone elses outfits around that. 

Patterns are OK!

- I like patterns but make sure they are simple. 

- Not everyone should wear patterns, so mix it with solid colours. 

- Different textures also look good, like lace and scarves, but mix with solids colours. 

Newborns and babies

- Solid colours are best, black or white are really simple and draw attention to the baby. Other solid colours work too.

- As you can see simple patterns can also look nice if you keep them simple. Florals can also work within reason. If one parent is wearing a pattern or floral, the other parent should be in a solid colour. 

Feel Relaxed!

- Most importantly wear something that you feel comfortable and confident in. The kids should also feel comfortable to avoid grumpy kids in scratchy clothing. 

- Kids also need to feel unrestricted so they can run and have a bit of fun!

- Bring extra clothing and we can choose together, or even change during the session if you like.

- Let the kids wear their favourite dress, even if it is a dress up, bring it for the last 10 mins of the shoot and I bet we will get some very happy smiles. Another option is a dress that swishes and makes them feel like a princess.

When we chose the outfits for our recent session, I picked my daughters dress first with her as she loves this dress. Hubby is in a solid blue shirt and Eli in a lightly patterned white and blue shirt. I wore a black shirt, helps me feel slim but I added a coloured accessory. Jeans make a good neutral option to pair with these colours, but tan slacks or plain black may have also worked. 

Have fun putting your session outfits together, my kids always like to do a little fashion parade to help choose their outfits, maybe you can find a way to make it fun for your family, too! 

XX Laurene

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