Shorthouse family

My dear friend Shannon, who is also a talented photographer recently did a swap. She took my family photos and in return I captured her family. 

Before her session she was a bit concerned about if her boys would sit still for long enough to have a photo taken. She had struggled to get a good photo of all 3 of them sitting nicely. Most Mums worry about how their children will behave during a session and most of the time their children are well behaved because I am there. They are more likely to do what I ask them to do, I am not their Mum! 

It turned out to be really fun. The kids were really relaxed and even the cat got involved. 

The Shorthouse family had their session in their own home, which added a personal touch. The other benefit of being at home is that they had food and toys on hand for the kids. Next time you might consider a family session in your own home. 

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